Life Coaching

What brings you here?

Do you feel torn within yourself?

Are you wondering how the often contradicting facets, interests, dreams, talents and qualities of yours fit into one life, a greater whole, that shapes your one unique purpose?

Let’s put order to your inner life.

Let’s deal with frustration, fear, confusion, stress and critical voices properly so you’re free to explore the important things.

Let’s weave these seemingly separate parts into a strong unit so you can move forward at one with yourself, in charge of your colourful facets, living a wholehearted, impactful life.

As your Coach, I take a stand for you

It’s my purpose to help you uncover the answers that really count – YOUR answers.

Not found in your head but in the poetry of your body.

After working with me you’ll know that you’ve got all you need within you and – more importantly –  how to make use of it.

“It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers.”

Life Coaching Philosophy

Life Coaching is for women who want to build an unshakeable allegiance to themselves and their creativity.

It’s not for people who want a quick fix to their problems.

Life Coaching acts as a catalyst for deep change and transformation. It’s the medium used to guide you out of the limits of the head into the freedom, wisdom and poetry of your body.

As you look through a more empowering lense, you’ll be moving away from feeling frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed towards feeling powerful, creative and whole – which is what you are naturally.

Life Coaching builds on the premise that everything is connected and no aspect of life exists in isolation.

Body, mind, heart and spirit are all aspects of the greater whole that is you. You’re the link between every dimension of your being, giving you the greatest, most important part in your own Life.

Let’s pause here and let this sink in: You are the greatest, most important part of your life!

Through our coaching you remember the wholeness and inter-connectedness of all things in your life and thus find a more substantial solution for what you seek.

You’ve got everything you need within you. I know that you’ve been raised to believe otherwise which is why we’ll bust that myth through coaching.

Whether you’re goals include finding a partner, creating better friendships, changing a job, country or mind-set, increasing your contribution to the world or simply being the best leader you can be – all of these (and more!) are possible IF you’re willing to do the inner work.

This means you must be willing to reclaim your rightful position as the authority in your own life.

If you are, let’s get started!

My clients say:

Elizabeth Skinner

Jenny’s coaching has truly changed my life. I am more of who I always wanted to be and know where it is that I want to go.
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Anna Kmetova (via linkdin)

Jenny is a powerful coach with a strong integrity. She is fearlessly dedicated to maximize the growth of her clients. Being coached by Jenny will change your life. If you are ready for it, there is no way you would leave a session with her without seeing yourself and your possibilities in clearer, more resonant light.
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Anne-Louise Littlejohn:

Jenny is an amazingly intuitive coach (…). I have grown as a person and a women tremendously while working with Jenny. Thank you!
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Laura Langelüddecke:

Jenny is a great and inspiring coach! She always gave me lots of space to be and her creativity, intuition and ability to describe my feelings by saying out loud what she noticed was changing my perspectives in a very powerful way. (for full-length review go to testimonials)

Michelle (via LinkdIn):

I had a few coaching with Jenny and it was amazing how she brought me (…) to the elementary point which was causing my emotions and fears. She is a very professional coach with a very sensitive and intuitive knowledge of human nature.  I deeply recommend to take Jenny as a Coach ! It will transform your life (…). (for full- length review go to testimonials.)


(…)Ich habe plötzlich ein Grundvertrauen in Dinge, von denen ich dachte, sie kontrollieren und beinflussen zu müssen, damit es gut oder besser wird. Es war anstrengend und gefühlt gegen den Strom. Jetzt ist es eher wie die „grüne Meereschildkröte. (for full-length review go to testimonials.)

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Your Coach

I am a certified Co-active coach and an explorer of Life. I like to go beyond the obvious – beyond the things we already know. About each other. About ourselves. About the world.

My mission is to inspire you to feel more, to look for things that are important and alive to your heart and to create ways to do those things.

I’m interested in the discoveries that change the way you’re being with yourself. Discoveries that have you feel free and fully alive.

I believe that every Soul has her own unique function and the closest we come to this truth is in open conversation, through deep listening and feeling our feelings – genuinely. This is the essence of Life Coaching.

“And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”