Life Coaching & Embodiment

Life Coaching and Embodiment are the perfect allies on several stages of your heroine’s journey:

You’re currently facing a big transition or challenge (loosing a job, a break-up, loosing a loved one, a difficult relationship, health-issues) and are not sure how to go on as usual from here? (awakening to spiritual aridity)

You have lost touch with yourself and what you truly believe in, sometimes wondering who you even are? (descent to goddess/dark night of the soul)

You’re defaulting to numbing or seeking approval from the outside when facing difficult emotions but what you’re actually longing for is the capacity to feel them? (urgent yearning to connect with the feminine)

You’re feeling lost and disconnected at times and are longing for stability, trust and safety in yourself and relationships? (healing the mother daughter split)

I’m here to support you in facing the challenges common on your heroine’s journey so you can walk it as the heroine you are.

Through Life Coaching we’re bringing clarity to chaos.

Through Embodiment we tap into the wisdom and poetry of the body.

When merged they create clarity of purpose and a deep sense of wholeness.

Does this resonate? Let’s talk.

“The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.”
– Nayyirah Waheed

Your heroine's journey

Are you ready to connect to yourself on a deeper level?

Are you ready to embody the heroine that you are?

The heroine’s journey is a psychological passage which all women cycle through, often more than once for different parts of their life. This journey – even though universal – is unique to each woman. Walking consciously on this path, becoming aware of the different stages, is a profound way to understand yourself and feel at one with all women. It’s a way of honoring your story and finding the essence in it and – ultimately – in you.

Most women I work with are in transition, meaning they know that the old way of doing heroic things, of working and grinding for others is over. They’re ready to go ahead on the path – stepping in to being the heroine that they are – but are not quite sure how to shift or what’s needed.

This in-betweenness leaves them in a sense of uncertainty and chaos which is when I come in.

With a combination of Life Coaching and Embodiment I support these women through 1. the dark night of the soul 2. healing the wounded masculine 3. healing the mother daughter split so they can fully embody their heroine nature.

More specifically, I support them in their transition from masculine dominated thinking/living (i.e., control, pushing, rigidness, perfectionism, over-thinking, harshness) to a new way of being that is in support of their feminine essence (i.e. receptivity, creativity, community, being, softness, communication, retreat) and integrates healthy masculinity (i.e. support, divine protection, clarity, acting on, moving forward, assertiveness, focus).

I help them reclaim their intuition, psychic gifts, body wisdom and talents in a world that ridicules and downplays the importance of those gifts. Connecting to your inner heroine while on the heroine’s journey, awakens the brightest clarity with which you can move forward in a new, aligned way.

The profound transitions on the heroine’s journey naturally come with difficult emotions. What has been silenced for so long is re-awakening, seeking attention and integration. Embodiment will support you in integrating these emotions while Life Coaching will help you to find the right intention and purpose for them.

It’s important to say: The heroine’s journey isn’t for the faint of hearts. Restoring wholeness requires you to get soft with the parts that you have condemned and get strong with what you stand for.

My clients say:

Elizabeth Skinner

Jenny’s coaching has truly changed my life. I am more of who I always wanted to be and know where it is that I want to go.
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Anna Kmetova (via linkdin)

Jenny is a powerful coach with a strong integrity. She is fearlessly dedicated to maximize the growth of her clients. Being coached by Jenny will change your life. If you are ready for it, there is no way you would leave a session with her without seeing yourself and your possibilities in clearer, more resonant light.
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Anne-Louise Littlejohn:

Jenny is an amazingly intuitive coach (…). I have grown as a person and a women tremendously while working with Jenny. Thank you!
(for full review go to testimonials.)

Laura Langelüddecke:

Jenny is a great and inspiring coach! She always gave me lots of space to be and her creativity, intuition and ability to describe my feelings by saying out loud what she noticed was changing my perspectives in a very powerful way. (for full-length review go to testimonials)

Michelle (via LinkdIn):

I had a few coaching with Jenny and it was amazing how she brought me (…) to the elementary point which was causing my emotions and fears. She is a very professional coach with a very sensitive and intuitive knowledge of human nature.  I deeply recommend to take Jenny as a Coach ! It will transform your life (…). (for full- length review go to testimonials.)


(…)Ich habe plötzlich ein Grundvertrauen in Dinge, von denen ich dachte, sie kontrollieren und beinflussen zu müssen, damit es gut oder besser wird. Es war anstrengend und gefühlt gegen den Strom. Jetzt ist es eher wie die „grüne Meereschildkröte. (for full-length review go to testimonials.)

“It’s not your fault but you are responsible now.”
– Florence Given


I am a certified Co-active coach and an explorer of Life. I like to go beyond the obvious – beyond the things we already know. About each other. About ourselves. About the world.

My mission is to inspire you to feel more, to look for things that are important and alive to your heart and to create ways to do those things.

I’m interested in the discoveries that change the way you’re being with yourself. Discoveries that have you feel free and fully alive in your body.

I believe that every Soul has her own unique function and the closest we come to this truth is in open conversation, through deep listening and feeling our feelings – genuinely.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
– Anais Nin