Being seen

Being seen

I am wondering. What it actually means “to be seen”. I am beginning to understand that certain things require exploration, like everyday quotes that are supposed to make you live your life to the fullest. Inspiration that has been de-spirated. No longer inspiration but actually a source of a deep feeling of “I am not living up”. One of those de-spirited, never explored quotes of the day? “Let the world see you.”

In me for a long time grew the idea with fear. Will I ever? And what will they see. What if they don’t like it? What do I show? And most of all the world is a huge place, isn’t it?

There’s a lot to do. I have to expose myself. all of it? Show my light. No, find my light first, my purpose, my talent, my strength and courage. Suss it all out. And then. With bells and whistles, let the world “see me”. All of me and not hold back. Ever again.


…turns out. It doesn’t only work like that. It also doesn’t mean that. At least for me after I explored a little.

Let me share my exploration. I started with. What should being seen give me? What should it feel like? And what is it good for? And who is the “me” that they should see? Yes, many questions. Simple answer:

With being seen I want to feel free.

Second question that arose. What is the world? Ok, this answer could be more complex but nailed down to essence. It is this: The world is your relationships. What? Yes.

The world is not Instagram. The world is not the woods. The world is not your home. Your work. Not any-thing. Your world is your relationship to all those things.

And of course to all the people that you know and don’t yet know. I want to focus on the people aspect of the world today because I’d say it’s my biggest interest. Ask yourself “DO the people in your life really see you?” and “Do they all see the same?” “What do they see with?” in other words: “What are you exposing to?” Best case sceanrio: To the heart of the other.

What is to be exposed? The only thing you usually hide inside because you fear to be rejected. What could that be?

Your feelings and emotions, yes.

What you feel. How you feel. Fear. Anger. Love. Energy. Emotion. Energy needs to be in motion. In order for us to be healthy and free. How do you move it? You show it.

“We need to let the world see us.” is the same as “We need to let the world feel us.” Really that simple? Yes. The art is though, to express as YOU want to express them. This is not often the case with…well…anyone. We hide them or We bust and lash out. But we do not show what is actually inside. mostly because we dont know.

We don’t see ourselves.

We don’t see ourselves because we either don’t care how we feel or are afraid of it.

So in order to truly be seen. Intelligence is needed.

We need to see our true emotions in us first. Then acknowledge them. Then know where to expose them. How and why to expose them. If done so. We are free. We are seen. In the world. In the heart of the other. Emotional intelligence. Is the Art. that is seen.

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