What does it mean to move from within?

What does it mean to move from within?

What it means to move from within. Moving in integrity. Moving from Being. Moving from Wholeness.

Every day we are receiving messages, a big load from the outside and from all parts of ourselves within.

There are these underlying questions: What do I listen to? What is my Voice?

Mind, Heart, Spirit and Body are constantly communicating with us. All aspects speaking their own language, seemingly asking us to move in all directions, all the time at the same time: “Act on what we are telling you – immediately.”

Is following these aspects as they speak the big move from within?

Yes and No.

Following one aspect alone – immediately – no. That is called moving from impulse.

Listening and waiting to hear all aspects of yourself, yes. That is the first step in learning how to move from within. You are becoming aware of yourself.

The mind in its powerful force can come from all sorts of agendas. It can project, distort, clear up and give order to our mess. It is deep and powerful and without a task it often is all over the place. Our body with her aches and symptoms, feeling energized than depleted and energized again. Asking us to feed it and fast in between. It’s on us to know what she needs and when. She tells us so much that we often ignore. Our Heart with her emotions, with her sensations and feelings and guidance. A heart that feels good when it’s heard. How to hear that heart of ours? That’s a good question. We sometimes like what we hear and often we don’t. Mostly because we find that we have no time to let the emotion play itself out. So we push down, too afraid to have that conversation, the one that our head tells us will never end. Our spirit guiding us in subtler ways. In response to our questions. Even receiving a good question is an art of spirit itself.

All of those conversations are ongoing in every second of the day. So it is very important for us to learn our own language(s). Conversations within our own being are powerful tools. We learn to move from within – when done consciously. Unconsciously this is not conversation it is overwhelm, chaos and often suffering under the seemingly conflicting aspects of ourselves. Why? Because we aren’t at the table with them. We are busy moving from A to B. Or numbing ourselves out, not moving at all. Not listening.

We need to see and understand: We are never not in conversation with ourselves. The question is: Are we willing to take the time and listen?

To move from within, we are in need of knowing what to respond to and what to simply listen to. We are in need of knowing which move to make and which impulse to resist.

There are dangers along the way of course. 1. We could end up not following any voice, waiting too long. Never making that big jump to the next stage of life and 2. We could end up making too many changes at once never to seize the life we are meant to live at this stage of life.

So how does the waiting serve us? As we are waiting for a bigger picture to form and a clearer answer to come to us, we are asked to truly listening to what it is that we are meant to do.

In the process (that is called time), an answer forms from not just one aspect but all aspects of ourselves as one by one is heard by us. This brings awareness to all parts of ourselves as it gives every aspect a chance to come to the table and share their truth.

This is the setup of moving from within. Considering all of us without reacting too soon we are asking our Self to make sense of all seemingly contradicting messages. This is the responsibility everyone can take for themselves. This is our part.

How do we start listening and determining who is speaking? How do we interpret what we hear? When do we make a move and when do we just keep listening?

We need to realise first that all these aspects are connected and not just in conversation with us but with each other too. The question is also: How well do we manage those conversations?

Those are big inquiries and words wouldn’t teach you anything of value. You need to know your own inner aspects of self. You need to sit with them at the table.

As we are waiting patiently and actively for the answer from our deepest Self we are waiting for our true path to unfold.

Sitting with the aspects is validating them so that they can unravel the deeper wisdom from Self. Wisdom that is powerful and transformative. Resulting in a new you.

The aspect I also want to talk about is the transformation that happens while you wait – the culmination of all conversations – the big move within. The point in which all is clear and a new Life begins. Not just a new chapter but a different book.

This is how it becomes the bigger truth. The real guidance from within. Through which you then make your move.

What are we communicating with in those moments? Or a better question would be:

What is communicating with us? What is happening in a moment of pure and utter clarity?

It is a conversation with self. Our Whole Self.

Where all the parts join in one big agreement. Where everything is suddenly making sense. As the inner authority awakens. It tells you about. All the moves you did and didn’t do. All the decisions you made and didn’t make. All the experiences you’ve had and didn’t have. All that you tried and didn’t try. And all that you really want and all that you don’t want. And the meaning behind all of it.

So as you see there is a big distinction.

A longing from one part is not necessarily a quest from self that you need to move in a certain direction. A body symptom is not necessarily a sign from self that you are unhealthy. A messy emotion is not a sign from self that you are depressed. A lack of answer to a question is not a sign from self that spirit doesn’t have your back. It might be a symbol, a way to get your attention to come to the table and talk. It is simply an invitation to listen. As Self is sending you single signs from all aspects you are lead to a bigger realisation that you are to be blessed with.

Let the sum of those things form a bigger picture.

This requires strength and focus and a lot of awareness. In this awareness transformation happens.

How long do we have to wait in order to receive such a transformation? That depends on many things. First is listening and sitting at the table with ourselves. It requires us to wring all life out of the experiences we have. Without ascribing meaning to things too soon and yet still knowing that there is meaning lurking behind all things. This is a flow, a trust, a knowing that we stand for. This is how we wait while we wait. In expectation of the self that is coming to move us from within.

Here’s the sum up:

  1. We are always in conversation with different parts of ourselves. This is a practice and the first move is to be aware of that which is happening within.
  2. Many aspects want us to move almost every second of the day which doesn’t mean we have to.
  3. Determine what requires action and what requires to wait and be still. We actually have to move far less than we think. Waiting is a big move from within.
  4. The biggest move from within is a culmination of all conversations we had with ourselves. It is a transformation of character. We have become the person that understands themselves and therefore enters a new stage of life.
  5. We receive such blessing only when we are aware of ourselves and when we cultivated the ability to resist impulse.

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