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Training Details:

August 2017 – Februar 2018: Training as a professional Co-Active Coach at the Co-Active Training Institute

April 2018 – März 2019: Certification Program at the Co-Active Training Institute.

Since April 2019: Certified Co-active Coach (CPCC)

(ACC) Accreditation and Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Personal Details:

I love reading and writing. I love to dance and sing. I love deep and open conversations.

My core value is connection.

I believe strongly that a well-spent morning changes lives.

Superpowers: My cycle, my highly sensitive body, my intuition and turning chaos into clarity

“i am a silk field of vulnerability.” – nayyirah waheed

My story

In my family it was common to complain about life – a lot.

What we never touched on though, was the feminine realm of emotions, intimacy and true feeling.

Instead of learning how to actually feel what I feel, I was taught how to suppress, deny and justify it. My conclusion as a child was therefore: “Feeling things is bad and because I feel so much it must mean I am bad.”

In an attempt to keep connection with my family I began to separate from my body, the place where feelings occur.

This split has led to a youth out of integrity, overwritten by fatigue, toxic relationships and many painful health issues.

Before I realised that I actually had the power to undo this learning I had to endure some life changing experiences. The most altering of which was my mothers’ death.

My mother died at the age of 51 never having lived outside her comfort zone. She didn’t do the things she really wanted to do because she didn’t have the emotional education to deal with the fear that was controlling her life. This fear ran rampage in my family, passed on for generations – never questioned, never seen for what it is. After being diagnosed with cancer and a few failed operations thereafter, my mama experienced a slow decay of body functions along with her spirit in proportion. In addition to the physical pain, she had no emotional strength left to face this immense burden of disease. Her life is an unlived life. Seeing my mother leave, carrying deep regret about the things she didn’t do, laying at her deathbed in physical and psychological pain was the most excruciating experience of my life. I cannot begin to imagine what it must have been like for her.

I hear my heart screaming when I think about it. We know too much today to let so many beautiful lives slip by – unlived.


Grieving my mother’s death transformed me and the the way I showed up in the world.

As the old way of habitually suppressing my emotions hurt more than being my sensitive self, I -despite my fear – decided to follow my feelings with all my being.

My own healing and individuation became my main occupation.

I quit university (not always advised) and all other obligations that felt like distractions to me and entertained only my job as a barista to cover my expenses.

After some much needed time on my own, I felt the call to connect again. I entered a coaches training programme. The training itself was a major component of my own personal development (because, as I said, until then I tried to heal and grow on my own).

In the group I was given the space to integrate the very world I was kept from my whole life – the feminine realm of emotion, nurture and feelings.

I learned to stay present to my body in the most difficult of emotions and started to accept my sensitivity and vulnerability as a gift.

I gained strength and confidence by enduring the bad weather within me. By letting others help me I moved along the road to wholeness.

Receiving support from the group I was trained with and the coaches I was trained by, I became more grounded in who I really am and started to express myself in a much more fulfilling way.

Confidence and integrity grew strong and healthy relationships formed with both – old and new friends.

I saw that I needed the enlightened heart of another to truly heal the split from my body and myself.

It supported me to get out of my head so I could dive into the poetry of my body uncovering the many dimensions and facets of me.

Ultimately, the reconciliation with my body was the reconciliation with myself.

My journey, of course, did not end there – it just took a major turn.

I now walk a path of purpose and meaning. I am blessed to learn new things about myself everyday.

As a coach and human I still do my own inner work. I am facing my own shadows and embrace my own light (I do this by having my own coach, a supervisor, being part of healing groups, womencircles, cycle awareness and dreamwork. I also journal everyday and read many books on many topics).

The emotional ignorance in my family has been past down for centruries and it ends with me. The very bagagge I had to carry became the purpose I know live for.

I’ve been blessed with this purpose and I honor it with all my love and time.

I am fully committed to walk this path for myself, for you and for all generations to come because it’s the only way that we can reach our full potential and be fully alive .