Coaching Packages & Prices

Create your own Coaching experience

Coaching Packages (6+ Sessions):

I’ve created 4 different coaching packages for you:

  1. Conscious Transitions
  2. Creating Relationships
  3. Cycle Awareness
  4.  Recovering from Co-dependency

The option of combining the coaching packages or creating your own set of topics is also available.

Sample Session (45min – 60min) : Free

The sample session is for everyone interested in the coaching packages or in starting a coaching on their own set of topics.

Single Coaching Session (60min) : 120€

The single session is for those who have been coached before, who are confronted with a challenge or decision and seek clarity and soul-support on this specific topic.

Clarity Session (120min): 200€

The discovery session is for those who want to build greater self-awareness and/or want to put order in goals and connect to purpose and values. This includes a questionnaire for self-reflection beforehand.

The Sessions take place per Video-Call.

“Day One or one day – you decide.”

Coaching Packages 1 + 2


Are you becoming increasingly aware that following what society has prepared as a way of living doesn’t really speak to you and your values?

Have you tried a bunch of different things – work related and creatively as well – but none of it seems to make your heart come alive – not for long at least?

Are you realising that where you are now doesn’t give you the space to realize your full potential or lets you be fully who you are?

You know there is “more” to live than what you’re currently living?

The results you invest in

I help you to get very clear on what’s emerging.

We define “What” is emerging? “Why” is it emerging? And “How” do you integrate it into your reality?

We’ll be giving the “more” its shape, form and substance making it tangible and real.

You’ll be leaving the coaching singing a pitch-perfect purpose statement, knowing what to do next.

You’ll have a totally new outlook on life, work and relationships in which you feel consistently empowered to be yourself.

You’ll have dealt with the fear and anxiety of leaving the old, the safe and the predictable (which is very real).

You’ll clean up with all the messy parts such a transition entails and walk a path of purpose.

You’ll be free to enter the new with enthusiasm, clarity and confidence.

This means you’ll not only leave the old but we’ll put everything in place for you to really thrive on the other side.

This will be a gradual but total shift of seeing and living life. A shift so profound it’s better done in the company of someone who’s done it before.

How we work together

Depending on where you stand, we’ll work together for about 4-6 months.

During which I will be your fully committed soul-support!

You can expect me to listen to you, be curious and empathetic, sometimes push you, ask powerful questions and be super-real with you.

We’ll tailor the coaching completely to your needs, desires and preferences so it’ll be a unique experience that no pre-made online course can offer.

What’s required of you?

Your commitment to yourself.

Your commitment to personal growth.

A deep longing to serve and seize potential.

A desire to be fully alive and free.

A willingness to leave the old and walk the new fully aligned with your purpose.

A willingness to explore.


Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 1x Discovery Session (120min) + 10x Coaching Sessions (60min)

Price: 1080€

If you’re ready to finally live from the inside out and find your own unique path – let’s get started!


Are you sick and tired of the way your relationships start of great only to end abruptly, not take off at all or develop into a one-sided transaction?

Are you often the one investing more than the other side, leaving you frustrated, hurt or confused?

Do you think you should just lower your standards and it would all be fine?

The results you invest in

You’ll leave the coaching with a crystal clear picture of what you actually want, need and desire and what is keeping you from having it.

You’ll know about the fears you have and the limiting beliefs you unconsciously hold about relationships, the gender of interest and yourself.

You’ll be letting go of those fears, limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you in the same loop for years.

After finishing the programme you’ll have significantly reduced your anxiety and know exactly where to lean in and what to withdraw from.

You can differentiate between your very own longings and those society has placed upon you (those are strong, I know).

You’ll have deepenend trust in your own discernment.

You’ll attract people that will mirror the work you’ve done.

Your relationships will be a rewarding, growing and safe space of which you are proud.

How we work together

Whether you’re looking to find the perfect match, create something entirely different or are trying to improve the relationship you’re in, we’ll tailor the coaching to your needs, desires and preferences.

Depending on where you stand we’ll be working together for about 4-6 months.

I will bring my own experiences, years of intensive study on relationships and communication as well as my knowledge and tools that I’ve gained from many different fields including my coaches training programme.

There are two main questions we’ll explore:

  1. What exactly do I really want and need? (Them; The relationship)
  2. Who do I have to become to match my wants and needs? (You)

Both will lead the coaching to greater depth and unseen territory.

What’s required of you?

You’re willing to set boundaries.

You’re willing to take a look at yourself and do the inner work.

You’ve accepted that you must create the love you seek and it doesn’t come by itself.

You’re willing to move on from what doesn’t match your needs.

You’re willing to make the changes necessary.

You’re willing to put yourself first and be assertive when necessary.


Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 1x Discovery Session (120min) + 10x Coaching Sessions (60min)

Price: 1080€

If you want to create intimate, fulfilling and conscious relationships that match exactly who you are – let’s get started.

“Day One or one day – you decide.”

Coaching Packages 3+4

3. CYCLE AWARENESS (for women)

Do you see significant changes in your mood, emotions and physical energy throughout a month?

Do you find the changes to be unpredictable, having a negative effect on your relationships or on work?

Do you struggle to follow things through to completion or be consistently creative in the way you would like to be?

Have you recently decided to come off the pill or are planning on doing so and feel that the transition requires emotional and spiritual support?

Do you want to deepen the connection to your femininity and get fully grounded in your beautiful body?

Do you want to find deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and others?

What is cycle awareness?

Your cycle consists of four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) that differ in mood, purpose and energy. We as women are often unaware of these natural seasons but that doesn’t stop them from influencing our thoughts, choices and behaviour.

With your menstrual cycle you’ve been given an inbuilt feedback system or mirror for the way you live and love and for all the choices you’re making. Therefore, we’re learning to listen and understand the feedback to make changes in life- and love style appropriately.

In order to connect to your cycle you must first connect to your body and begin to truly understand the messages it sends you – not with mind but with your whole being.

By reconnecting to your body through your cycle you also connect back to Mother Nature all the while healing the perceived separation from her and women that belong to this earth – just like you do.

What you invest in

You’ll learn to use your cycle in a way that allows you to be the best leader, creator and lover you can be.

You’re strengthening and calling forth your femininity.

Cycle work brings your awareness back to your core, into a soft and genuine yet courageous way of being.

It primarily deepens self-knowledge and the relationship to yourself and your body.

You stop fighting what cannot be avoided and start loving all of yourself – one season at a time.

You gain confidence and clarity about who you truly are and the power that lies within the changes of your cycle.

You create a female approach to your personal development.

You’ll cultivate a true understanding of your creative power as a woman and the ability to use it.

As you begin to see your own energetic patterns you also learn to better communicate yourself, your moods, energies and needs with your loved ones.

How we work together

You’ll connect to your cycle in the sessions through deep listening, powerful questions and meditation.

We’ll create a safe space for your emotions to rise and be seen. This is an essential part as observing and feeling emotions creates deep clarity about the changes in your cycle giving you stability and trust in yourself.

The questions that keep us company during the process are:

How do the seasons affect you in your daily life and how are you being with yourself within these changes?

As we work with instead of against your nature as a woman, you’ll use your energy more efficiently and begin to experience greater well-being, confidence and clarity.

Depending on where you stand we’ll be working together for 3-6 months. The coaching will be tailored to your needs and preferences and held via Zoom or telephone.

What’s required of you?

You’re willing to slow down to your most natural pace.

You’re willing to question the patriarchal system and live according to your own being.

You’re off the pill or want to come off the pill.

You’re willing to take responsibility for your moods.

You’re not looking to fix a medical condition but seek support of your healing process as a woman.

You’re willing to look at other women as companions instead of competition.


Duration: 3 months

Sessions: 1x Discovery Session (120min) + 3 x Cycle Sessions

Price: 450€

If you’re ready to embrace the true creative power – let’s get started.


This programme is designed for you if you have a co-dependent style of relating (response to trauma) and you want to find deeper stability, independence and fulfilment in relationships, at work or other areas of your life.


“Co-dependency is defined here as the inability to express rights, needs and boundaries in relationship; it is a disorder of assertiveness that causes the individual to attract and accept exploitation, abuse and/or neglect.” – Pete Walker

You’re struggling to self-express either because you don’t know what you really want or because you’re afraid of the reaction of others?

You prefer harmony over conflict to a point where you cannot assert yourself?

Your boundaries are weak and you find yourself unseen or resentful a lot of the time?

You struggle to speak up for yourself when that would be an appropriate response?

You have digestive issues and/or emotional eating patterns?

You find yourself periodically overwhelmed and drained and you want to build up confidence and inner strength to finally love and live freely, the way YOU decide?

The results you invest in

You’ll trust yourself again.

You’ll gain deep well-being and stability within yourself.

You’ll soon notice a higher level of serenity.

You’ll gain confidence in who you truly are, able to say and do the things you really want to say or do.

You’ll create a life that is yours.

You’ll have strong and supportive boundaries that keep your sense of self intact so you can experience greater intimacy, freedom and fun in your relationships.

A strong and integrated self-care routine that deepens self-love, tailored specifically to your needs.

Strong intuitive nutrition that is flexible yet informed and nourishing.

How we work together

There will be elements of coaching as well as meditation.

However, the main element is relational communication.

Change in your lifestyle to support your healing and well-being greatly.

The questions that keep us company are:

How can you be with yourself nourishing your whole being: body, soul and spirit?

How can you live to flourish in creativity and energy-levels?

How can you relate to others so that your sense of self remains intact?

How do you want to express yourself and your feelings to others?

How can you be to feel fully seen, heard and free?

What do you truly need to recover from co-dependency?

What’s required of you?

You are ready to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to live a full and healthy live.

You have some awareness of your co-dependency and know that it requires inner work to heal from it.

You want to relate lovingly to others able to trust again.

You want to build more intimate bonds with your loved ones.

You believe there is great value in healing together.

You don’t want a pre-written plan but explore what’s right for you.


Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 1 x Discovery Session (120min) + 10 Coaching Sessions (60min)

Price: 1080€

Why do I offer this programme?

In my own recovery process, I would’ve loved to find someone who has recovered from co-dependency, knows about the deep rooted fear that accompanies this style of relating and who is willing to connect and share their insights and resources from a place of stability and relatability.

I would’ve loved to learn from someone who’s done the deep work in order to heal and who’s willing to help me heal in relationship rather than alone.

Important disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a psychologist therefore I am not licenced to treat co-dependency. However, this trauma informed coaching package might be a great addition to your therapy treatment.