Coaching & Embodiment

What you can expect from me

 Committed soul-support, powerful questions, unscattered attention, a room to which you can bring all of yourself, a pool of ressources, transparency and intuition. I also promise to engage as myself and share personal experiences whenever I believe them to be valuable for your coaching process. I will not be perfect but fully committed to your coaching process and growth.

The Result

At the end of a six-month coaching process you’ve not only reached your goals but you’re in full trust of your own power and feel continuously capable of creating the life and the relationships you truly desire. You’ve awakened the heroine inside and have become your own best ally on your heroine’s journey.

Who I don’t work with

I can’t help you if you seek answers from me, aren’t willing to invest time and energy in yourself, want a general health consultation, an all-time high or a quick fix to your problems.

“A woman has to learn the fundamental truth that she is she and she has her own design, her own consent, her own self, her own life, her own projection, and her own beauty.” – Yogi Bhajan

Areas of the heroine's journey

  1. Creativity
  2. Femininity
  3. Relationships
  4. Health/Body
  5. Spirituality/Purpose
  6. Mission
  7. Money

Possible Reasons to start Coaching

Unable to let go of unsupportive relationships, unable to hear or trust your bodies messages, feeling drained when in the presence of other people, lack of enthusiasm, not being excited for the day, inner conflict and a sense of being torn between multiple options. Dependence in relationships, fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, creative blocks, saying “yes” when you mean “no”, saying “no” when you mean “yes”, lack of direction, not knowing where to start, confusion, being afraid of the reactions of others, support in new endeavours. Indecisiveness, being afraid to show yourself as you are, difficulty to slow down, to ask for help, to receive attention or love, bad energy management, no time for fun and recreation and more.

The Coaching Process

The the sweet spot of a fulfilled life is a balance of deepening feelings and moving forward.
Thus, both take place in coaching.
By arriving in your inner space, authentic outward movement is born.
In our partnership we’re creating space for all experiences that you bypass by default and shed a curious light on it.
You’ll begin to see that all feelings carry important messages.
Sent to your body not your head.
These messages move you through every block and every issue at hand.
Like pieces to a puzzle revealing more of your big picture.
And for an accurate picture to form we need the bright parts and the dark ones, too.
Through acceptancing all of yourself you begin to walk a wholehearted, aligned and purposeful path.

The structure

Discovery Session (120min)
1. Before the first session, I’ll send a questionnaire for you to deepen your awareness. 2. We’ll design a framework for our coaching partnership. 3. We’ll fine tune your goals and vision. 3. We’ll uncover your values and intentions. 4. We’ll plant seeds for deeper self-awareness. 5. We’ll create a solid ground for the whole coaching process to unfold. 6. We’ll look at where you are now, where you want to go and the gap you need to close to reach your objectives.
Ongoing Coaching Sessions (60min)
Each coaching session starts with the topic you bring and unfolds from there. We’ll slow down to notice sensations and are working with what comes up in each moment. We look at everything that resonates and dissonates. All parts are important for your sense of wholeness and completion. The last 20% of our time we look at all new insights and build appropriate homework from there. Homework either moves you forward or deepens your learning.
Between sessions you can share accomplishments, failures and anything you need support with.
The closing session (60min)
The closing of the coaching process is structured differently. 1. We’ll look at where you are now after all the inner and outer work you’ve done. 2. We note what you’ve learned, let go of and finished to completion. 3. We celebrate success AND failures. 4. We’ll define your next steps outside the coaching partnership. This will round up the experience and set you off to the new chapter in your life that you’ve created.


1. You want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in any given area of your life
2. you’re ready to inquire within and make the changes necessary to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


  1. You take aligned action towards your dreams.
  2. You feel at home in your body.
  3. You are truly self-confident.
  4. You’re making powerful decisions.
  5. You’re showing up fully in relationships.
  6. Your femininity and masculinity are integrated and balanced.
  7. You recognise self-sabotage much faster and know how to act accordingly.
  8. Your energy is managed and used efficiently.
  9. You have unshakeable inner strength.
  10. You know what your next steps are.

“The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.” – nayyirah waheed

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