being a woman

being a woman

I am Woman.

I am mystery, magically. I am sensual.
More today than ever before.
Appreciation of a Woman.
Because of you here is what I know.

As long as I understand my Self as Woman.
No flaw can be found in me. I only make mistakes.
As long as I understand, will I be radiant, vibrant, confident.
As long as I understand my Self as Woman.
Ready men feel their Wholeness in my presence.
Unready men feel threat. To them I am nothing but a trigger.
Being a Woman.

As long as I understand my Woman! I am invincible, incredible, irresistible.

And as I am Woman, no disrespect can be brought unto my feet, my legs, my arms, my belly.
My face is soft. My eyes are soft. My Aura free to be itself.
Beams of a Woman.

How do I remain in my WOMAN? I ask, eagerly.
As long as You turn. Turn. Turn. Turn, dance, spin and dance around your
own Axis of a Woman.

As long as I turn to my Self, I turn to my Beauty.
As long as I turn to my Self, I turn to boundless Grace.
Oh and as a Woman I turn. I’d turn a thousand times. More.
I turn tables, I turn universes.
I turn to my Woman. When I hear knifes sharpening, eyes stinging, ears dropping, mouths loosing words of shame and hatred.
I know, they are loosing indeed.
Oh boy believe me, I turn. Joyously, Wholeheartedly.
I am absolute. I am Woman.

Mouth of a Woman know what you are made for.
To shoot “another” Woman in the foot?
My dear, you try to be saved too hard. You took a wrong turn.
And yet, Her Grace cannot be touched. Neither can Yours.
There is Grace in Her true mirror.
She is your mirror, She is your mirror and She is your mirror.
(Start your mirror work. I like what I see. I love.)

Women! When will you learn you’ve been deceived? You are made of the same.
Self as Woman.

Mouth of a Woman know what you were made for. Or not made for.
No sextoy for the insecure, no knife for a war that never was (and still destroyed everything), no companion to your dirty eyes, no protection to her dirty eyes, no daughter to your shame, no trash bag for your hurt.

In Your mouth there is no space for anything other than the deep melody of a rising Woman. When you know what You are made for, you know what you are made of.

Mouth of a woman know what you are made for.
Blame is not your business!
Solution is. Resurrection from an empty Heart.
Fullness of a Woman.

How can you be satisfied with self-deception?
How can you be satisfied
(“another”) Woman being less than you?
A man being less than you?
The world being less than you?
Or too much perhaps…
(Let the Woman in you answer).

I am satisfied only in the Admiration of my Woman. And in this I grow my Adimration for All.

You are made for the Real World. Made as the World, to be the World.
And you are made to save it as you saved yourself. From exploitation.

You are the World, do you hear?

You are powerful!
The most powerful, the highest power, the only power.
Gentle hands of a Woman.

My dear Woman,
learn your Self. Learn Who is inside your Body of infinite magic.
Boundless Woman!
Learn, your cycle, your love, your moods will lead your classroom to
Who you really are. Expressed.

And please for the sake of the world’s peace, love expressed, the world uplifted.
For increasing Health on earth, please…

LEARN TO OWN YOUR POWER. You are a Heaven of a…WOMAN!

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