The story that shaped my mission

What's the story that shaped my mission?

Your Story shapes your mission.


There’s no mission without life experience.


Often in the undoing of our most painful conditioning lies the essence of the mission we‘ll later express in life. 


This is mine: I help women get out of the prison of the mind into the poetry of the Body.


And her own beautiful body will take over guidance from there.


So what’s my Story? The Story that shaped this mission? 


I was brought up under the critical voice of my mother.


She had a good heart but no life of her own and her frustration and fear of life reflected in my upbringing. 


She had dreams and desires but rarely expressed them to anyone (mostly because she wasn’t aware of them). Once in a while they shimmered through a brief conversation only to be brushed of with „oh I won’t do that anyway, I am not made for more.“ – she was living according to what she’s been told or not told and she didn’t leave that narrative.


She was living in the prison of her mind.


Her body stored the trauma and mistrust she experienced from her parents. 


Living all her life in same perspective:


„I can’t be more than this, this is not me.“


Like a protective shield this narrative kept her in her head.


Far away from the trauma and pain stored in her body.


So I too spent the first part of my life in prison because that’s what I’ve been modeled.


What woke me up then?


One of many: my mother’s death.


I was with her at her deathbed, seeing her leave this earth with none of her dreams realized. 


She was unhappy, afraid, bitter and unable to open up to us (family) or life even in the last moments of her life.


She was still in prison when she left.


It was one of the most painful moments of my life.


At no other moment was it clearer than by her side seeing death (life) take her back to origin:




And like that, I changed my story.


I told myself I will live a life that’s actually mine and show – myself and my mom as well – that it is POSSIBLE to make dreams reality – no matter who we were raised to become.


The only way to leave the narrative that kept me in prison was to enter my body.


To really get IN my body.


This might sound strange to many but it’s rarely recognized that we’ve left the body until we come back to it.


My challenge then was to NOT leave at signs of difficulty.


Now, that’s not easy to do when the body holds trauma.


It’ll mean you leave your body over and over again because it’s unbearable to stay.


Deep healing was required and a strong willingness to stay connected no matter what I was facing.


It is possible to build this unshakable allegiance to yourself and to your body.


And that’s the fuel for my mission. 


I know for a fact that it is possible and I know that this is all you want.


All you’ve ever wanted. Like the real wanting. The kind that cannot be substituted with drugs, shopping, sex or fame.


This is my tiny contribution to save this planet from becoming totally soul-less.


Help women come home.


Love their bodies and know how to read and use its infinite wisdom.


Know how to read its poetry and to give and receive the love that’s theirs.


Live according to her own rhythm without restriction – and in that find the freedom she seeks.




If you want to find out how I do that AND want to build this unshakable allegiance to yourself, schedule your free sample session on my website. 

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